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Enabling Standard Freelance Practice

At Corpus Freelance Management Agency, our vision is to help standardize the Nigerian freelance market through our freelance support services.

About Us

standard market place engagement

We are an organisation dedicated to providing skilled freelancers in specific industries with frameworks for standard market place engagement with their end users.

We acknowledge that the future of work globally is freelancing, and recognize the challenges with offering and procuring services in the Nigerian freelance ecosystem. So, we are dedicated to providing skilled freelancers and end-users with the framework to enable standard market access and engagement in Nigeria.

Our Services

Get frameworks for your freelancing

Freelance Portfolio Management

We offer standard agency services, help freelancers handle communications management, negotiation, logistical and legal issues, affording them the leverage to focus on creating and delivering value to the market.


Market Niche Positioning

We provide advisory and support services to help freelancers Define their niche market Position for higher market visibility Build sustainable clientele


Skill Development Training

We provide links to technical trainings and business courses, to enable freelancers under our management access the education they need for continuous personal and professional development.


Skill Commercialization

We help freelancers develop structured business models around their skills offerings. Our services include: 1. Standard service quantification & pricing 2. Work scheduling 3. Payment management


Our Customers Feedback

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